Compare and Contrast

Patients should make their dying wishes if they are mentally sound to do so. Caregivers and family members can decide on the patients’ behalf if the patients lack the cognitive abilities to do so. Regarding the two Ideas, they compare and contrast. On similarities, Idea 1 and Idea 2 depict that the two patients want their families and caregivers to respect their wishes to die. Also, the families of the two patients show determination in respecting the wishes of the patients. Besides, the two patients would open up their mouths to eat, which indicated they had cognitive abilities and capable of making their own decisions. Moreover, the testing of the ability of the patients’ decision-making ability entails testing whether they are capable of eating.

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On the other hand, several differences exist between the two Ideas. Regarding Idea 1, for instance, the family does not believe she is incapable of eating, although the reverse is the case for Idea 2. Also, on Idea 1, caregivers just leave their patients to die, which means they are not concerned about the patient’s welfare. However, concerning Idea 2, the nurses report the patient is capable of opening her mouth to eat, meaning they are concerned about her welfare. Moreover, The caregivers in Idea 1 do not respect the autonomy of the patient and would deem it appropriate to allow the patient to die faster. Nonetheless, the bioethicists in Idea 2 believe in respecting the autonomy of the patient. Besides, the caregivers in the two scenarios are different in terms of their approach to their patients, with those in Idea 1 focused on ensuring the patient dies faster while those in Idea 2 want to sustain the life of the patient.

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