Describe what is unethical behavior

* Read the article here-did-virgin-australia-gowrong/ 

 Q 1. Why did Virgin Australia fail? Give three reasons?

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Describe what is unethical behavior
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*Watch video  

 Q.2 describe what is unethical behaviour?

*Read the article titled: Corporate Governance and Business Ethics: insights from the strategic planning experience, Ingrid Bonn and Josie Fisher 2b31-42a1-ba1a-1f24a6956abf#pageNum=1 

Q.3 What is corporate governance and why does it matter?

Read the case study :-  Queensland ‘Money Mule’ accountant charged with money laundering over alleged $3.3m email hacking scam.

Q.4  ‘Why do you think the accountant got involved in fraud?’


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