Describe Ann Weiss’s first encounter with the baker

Describe Ann Weiss’s first encounter with the baker. How does the reality of that meeting contrast with her expectations?

Ann Weiss first met the baker because she wanted to place an order for a cake for her son’s birthday. Ann felt that she and the baker could exchange more than just necessary information. After all, to Ann, she was talking to a baker who must have had celebrated birthday parties with his children as well, and this, she felt, was something that they shared. However, instead of the warm, friendly conversation about children and birthday parties that she expected, the baker was resolutely methodological, inquiring nothing more than just the information he needed.

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Describe Ann Weiss’s first encounter with the baker
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2. Favorite poem for the week
For my favorite poem this week, I chose Carolyn Kizer’s “Bitch”. Kizer’s poem is a powerful statement about women’s place in relationship, and how she views herself.
Kizer grew up us the daughter of socially prominent personalities, and described her father as an authoritarian. Kizer spent two years as a State specialist in Pakistan and taught at a women’s university there. Kizer is known for her “feminist and socially-conscious wit”, writing on varied topics including women, politics, nature and science.
Learning these, it becomes clearer where Kizer is coming from as she writes. Having a strong father and staying in a conflict-driven, patriarchal society like Pakistan did not stop Kizer from developing her own skills and prowess, later on to prove that women are also beings of power.
Question for Class Discussion:   How does the image of the bitch help the poem?
Links to Carolyn Kizer:


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