Department of Corrections Analysis Presentation Assignment Content

Review the sample report from the Arizona Department of Corrections website by clicking on the most recent month and year.

Review UOP’s Sample PowerPoint in the Center for Writing Excellence to guide you in creating an effective presentation. The sample can be found in the Tutorials & Guides section of the CWE, under the heading labeled Sample.

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Department of Corrections Analysis Presentation Assignment Content
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Locate the website for the Department of Corrections in your state or a state of your choosing. Read the most recent report from this department. Analyze the report to determine the types of inmates and offenders in the correctional system in your state.

Create a visually engaging 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation discussing your results from the analysis. 

Include speaker notes with each slide of your presentation that provide information on the topics below.

  • Outline the five offenses with the highest occurrence.
  • Outline the ethnic distribution of the population.
  • Outline the occurrence of assaults on staff.
  • Describe communication strategies for working with the population within this department, including considerations for culture and gender.
  • Use course materials to support this section.
  • Describe how a better understanding of language and communication can improve safety in the department.
  • Use course materials to support this section.

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