Demonstrating that you watched and understood the material presented

1. Demonstrating that you watched and understood the material presented. (20 pts.)

2. Incorporated concepts from Unit 1 and Unit 2. (20 pts.) – unit 1 is about “Taking Risks and Making Profits within the Dynamic Business Environment” 

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Demonstrating that you watched and understood the material presented
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3. Properly use vocabulary describing the economy and federal agencies that are making decisions. (20pts.)

4. Factual accuracy (dates, names of key people, and events). (20 pts.)

5. Provide analysis of the material, including your interpretations, understanding, and predictions. (20 pts.)

6. Spelling, grammar, and clear sentence structure. (15 pts.)

7. Cite all sources in MLA format.  This includes the videos below and any articles, videos, podcasts, and research that you do to support your analysis. (Up to 15 pts.)  You can learn how to do citations here: (Links to an external site.)      *****Failure to cite your sources will be graded a plagiarism and will result in a failing grade.******

8. Length: minimum of 5 pages (1 page being your Works Cited list), maximum 10 pages (again, 1 page being your Works Cited list). (20 pts.)

Watch  the first 2 videos in this 4 part documentary (I’ve included the whole series if you find it interesting, but parts 3 and 4 are not required) about the housing crisis and financial crisis of 2008.  Take notes of key dates, people, and actions!  Then, watch a couple videos on the current economic crisis, taking notes.  For your paper, you will need to also provide 3-5 sources that you find supporting your analysis.  These can support the videos I’ve provided, or they can contradict them.  Just make sure they are reliable and trustworthy sources.

 You will then compare the similarities and contrast the differences between what happened leading up to and during 2008 and what happened leading up to and during the crisis we are in right now.  Make sure you also provide analysis of what you think should be done to fix the current situation.

2008 Crisis:

Current Crisis:


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