Deliverable for Part One: Project Proposal

In your assignment folder, you will submit a four-paragraph proposal for an essay to be written on a writer(s) that you choose from those studied in this class and at least three of their texts .First, read the assignment description for the final Project Part 4: Bio-critical Essay. Then, for the proposal, please cover the following in your four paragraphs:In the first paragraph, identify your project’s writer and texts. You must include the text(s) assigned for this class, and you may include other texts by the writer that you read on your own outside of this class. Describe your interest in this writer; why did you choose this writer? Explain their role in African American literature, based on the historical periods laid out in the course . In the second paragraph, identify your project’s focus, meaning state the major themes and concepts that stand out to you. Your final essay (part 4) must discuss at least two major themes. Construct a working (draft) thesis that identifies the chosen writer and texts, states a claim, and proposes supporting ideas. The thesis statement must answer the questions WHY the writer is important and HOW their work helps readers to understand the African American experience as mediated by literature.In the third paragraph, identify the additional areas/items that you will need to research and read. Posit a few questions; for example: Was the writer involved in social justice movements or political events? Does the writer’s work relate somehow to that of other writers or other work? Your own interests and curiosity will help shape this section.In the fourth paragraph, present an overview of the project’s upcoming research plan, i.e., what the next steps are in completing in the project, including what research and additional reading is needed. This research plan will help guide your work in the Annotated Bibliography, which is the next step of the assignment.Using first-person in this proposal is acceptable. The submission should be formatted in MLA 8th edition style and be carefully edited and proofread for standard use of English.Umuc online African American Authors colonial Umuc username: JMARTN Umuc password: Taisha828 * please check content for from those studied in this class and at least three of their texts .

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Deliverable for Part One: Project Proposal
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