Define of term problem and decision

Problem-solving vs. Decision Making

Define of term problem and decision

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Define of term problem and decision
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Problem-solving is the process of devising solutions to difficult or complex problems in which a group or an individual derives some benefit from the situation. Decision-making is the process of selecting decisions through the identification of a problem, the gathering of information, and the assessment of various resolutions (Simon et al., 1987). Decision-making is critical for arriving at the correct solution in a problem-solving situation. The distinction between decision making and issue solving is that problem solving entails an element of analytical thought and the use of institutions to elicit information. Decision-making entails judgment, in which an individual will arrive at a plan of action after deliberating on many topics. Additionally, decision-making involves problem-solving abilities. Appropriateness is critical for achieving specified goals. The decision-making process is viewed as a procedure. While the method pursued is structured, the path to resolution is unknown when it comes to problem-solving (Marsiske, & Margrett, 2006). Additionally, problem resolution is incorporated into the decision-making process. Problem-solving is used to generate the best answer, whereas decision making is used to avert prospective problems.

Case scenarios are Problem or decision explain how and why


In Scenario One, the Governor must decide whether to allocate funds to help a homeless program. The Governor must deliberate on the concept and come up with alternate solutions to the highlighted problem. The Governor’s decision-making ability must be used to select which solution to pursue based on the available opportunities associated with the decision, even if the decision is not intended to solve a problem. The Governor should proceed on promising the political group vowing to support them, as the Governor is required to do.


The physician can decide on behalf of the patient if the procedures have a 100 percent possibility of preventing brain damage from infection. This is a decision-making process, as the physicians will weigh the alternatives utilizing cognitive processes. Unlike when a problem-solving approach is used, the conclusion of the outcomes is known.


If he does not pay the dollar, the conductor may not throw the woman off the train. This is a decision-making scenario because the conductor must decide whether to throw out the passengers for failing to buy the ticket or report the issue to the police, given that calling the police will cause the train to be delayed and the passengers to be late. Other passengers were listening in on the conductor’s chat with passengers; thus, the conductor’s choice should align with passenger expectations.


After making a suitable judgment, the graduate can accept the available employment, which is crucial in obtaining a specified end. The graduate must gather information, facts, and human intuition about Nigerian lifestyles, work cultures, and legal structures surrounding expatriates. After learning about work culture, cultural challenges in the country, and employment legislation, the graduate will decide whether or not to accept the job and relocate to Nigeria.


This is a problem-solving scenario since the investors want to evaluate the alternative to provide the highest return. The investors must compute the interest that would be generated if the funds were invested for 2%, 15%, and 5% interest and the maturity yield when the money will be refunded. The investor will decide which investment choice to select after studying the interest due in each investment potential.

Pick one Scenario

The Governor’s choice on whether or not to contribute funds to the political group will be based on the predicted benefit the Governor would receive from the political group. The Governor will need the group’s assistance on Election Day. He will be assured of the Governorship support from the political leader. Secondly, the Governor will see fewer homeless people on the streets due to his decision, and the city will be more orderly. The problem with this arrangement is that the state budget has limited funds to assist them with new programs. The Governor will incur expenses if he or she agrees to fund the political organization. These costs will either be passed on to taxpayers or borne by the Governor out of pocket. Answering the issue would include weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the program for the Governor, particularly in light of his reelection to the office.


Marsiske, M., & Margrett, J. A. (2006). Everyday problem solving and decision making. Handbook of the psychology of aging, 315-342.

Simon, H. A., Dantzig, G. B., Hogarth, R., Plott, C. R., Raiffa, H., Schelling, T. C., … & Winter, S. (1987). Decision-making and problem-solving. Interfaces17(5), 11-31.

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