Define communication and describe the value of communication in business.

Refer to your textbook for answers, unless the question specifically asks for your own experience or interpretation. Using professional sentence structure and grammar, answer the following questions in a  detailed paragraph (more than three sentences). Be sure to answer all parts of each question. (Each question is worth 5 points – 3 points for correctness of the answer and 2 points for professional and grammatically correct writing.)

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Define communication and describe the value of communication in business.
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1. Define communication and describe the value of communication in business.

2. Explain and give examples of the transactional communication process.

3. Distinguish between formal and informal communication networks and give two examples of each.

4. Define upward, downward, and horizontal communication flow and give two examples of each.

5. List the six questions you must answer honestly in the Pagano Model for determining if a proposed action is advisable?

6. Give an example from your own experience (professional, academic, volunteer environment) of a cultural communication challenge. The example could be based on a stereotypes, chronemics, proxemics, kinesics, or language. Explain what happened and the outcome of the situation.

7. What are two advantages and two disadvantages of telecommuting in the workplace? What has been your experience, if any, with working from home?

8. How would you describe your cultural intelligence? What can you do to improve it, if necessary?

9. Give a real-life example of a situation where improper use of social media has created an issue for a company. Briefly explain what happened and the outcome. Do you think the situation was handled appropriately, or what could have been done differently?

10. Give an example of how you work or have worked with teams (professional, academical, or volunteer environment). How effective is the teamwork? Explain.


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