Define and Apply Structural Family Therapy Concepts

1. First, review the Minuchin therapy session in Unfolding the Laundry.a. Session Intro: “This live therapy session, recorded in 1984 by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and digitally remastered in 2007, features Salvador Minuchin conducting a live, unedited therapy session with a family. The featured family is a large, blended, recently married couple with dual careers and five combined children. The identified patient is the youngest son (age 11), who is acting out. After de-emphasizing attention on the identified patient and relabeling much of the sibling behavior, attention is focused on the couple. Through his use of simplicity and humor to lure the family into desiring the necessary change and in following the family’s lead in defining the problem, Minuchin illustrates his expert ability at not being an expert” (Unfolding the Laundry, 1984).Be sure to include the following in your paper:Offer a brief (a paragraph or two) summary of the structural model.Present your understanding of how structural a systemic model is.Discuss the family dynamics that you see portrayed in the video, including culture or diversity factors that you observe in the family.Describe Minuchin’s role with this family?Illustrate each of the following concepts using examples from the video. You should briefly summarize some interactions between Minuchin and the clients so that it’s clear their interaction is showing one of the structural concepts. (Note: A clear way to guide the reader through your description of the concepts is to define and cite the concept, share your example, and describe the example.)BoundariesHierarchiesSubsystemsCoalitionsStrengthsStages of developmentInclude a brief summary of what you think Minuchin’s overall goal was with this family and how he achieved this goal.Remember to avoid the tendency to provide a synopsis of the video and focus on providing a Structural Family Therapy assessment and a summary of the family dynamics portrayed in the video.

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Define and Apply Structural Family Therapy Concepts
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