Decoding the New MTV-Speak.

I will pay for the following article Decoding the New MTV-Speak. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Throughout the article “Decoding the New MTV Speak” the made fun of the new billboard MTV advertising campaign. To the it was hilariousthat MTV was creating a new slang that did not exist. These types of ads are often criticized by industry experts because they are not focusing on selling anything and do not provide any substance behind the ad. For instance if a company ran a campaign promoting protecting wildlife the ads would serve a social purpose that would improve the corporate image of a company. The author often used satire to criticize and make fun of the MTV campaign. For instance the author said, “Or is MTV such a youth octopus-like arbiter that it would actually invent a lingo, get kids to use it, and thereby turn everyday chit chat into an advertisement for the channel?” (Savin, 1999).

The article did not target its audience well because teenagers are not interested in being taught English lessons of a non-existent language. This ad seems more suitable for older adults who might find the language lingo a bit funny due to their higher educational level. The target demographic of MTV is not people in their 40s. It is teenagers and young adults in their mid 20’s. The ads lack total purpose and the company wasted thousands of dollars on an ineffective campaign that lacked substance and a clear purpose or marketing strategy. The central or systematic processing route involves conscious processing, while peripheral route or heuristic processing deals with automatic processing (Meserandino & Walker, 2003).

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Decoding the New MTV-Speak.
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Miserandino, M., Walker, R. (1999). Insights: Readings in Social Psychology. Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing.

Savin, L. (1999). Decoding the New MTV-Speak. The New Yorker. 45-46.

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