Debs Storey. (2016, October 12). Psychiatric interviews for teaching: Somatisation. [Video 18 min] U

Write an Observational Response to a Recorded Diagnostic Interview (click on title to open video)• Debs Storey. (2016, October 12). Psychiatric interviews for teaching: Somatisation. [Video 18 min] University of Nottingham.Instructions:• Watch the video and write about the evaluation of the patient.• Discuss the evaluation process as a critique of the approach to differential diagnoses.• Discuss key therapeutic communication techniques practiced by the practitioner in the video and how you might approach the case differently.• Paper should be an APA style Word document (2-3 pages).MSN Written Paper Assignment Grading RubricFor all MSN courses, written papers are graded using the following rubric unless noted in the syllabus. Your instructor will be grading based on thefollowing guidelines to evaluate your submissions.Criteria Exemplary Proficient Marginal Inadequate Unacceptable Notes and underlying objectives Content and/or Subject Knowledge. (Maximum 20pts.)and/or Subject Knowledge. (Maximum 20pts.) Superior command of subject matter;displayed genuine intellectual grasp of principles involved. Fulfills all assignment requirements in depth. (20 points) Above average grasp of relevant principles andthe subject matter. Fulfills assignment requirements in some depth. (17 points)Professionally acceptable understanding of the subject matter and principles.Fulfills assignment requirements at a basic level. (15 points) Inadequate comprehensionof content and subject knowledge. Fails to fulfill all assignment requirements. (10 points)No understanding of subject matter and principles. Does not fulfill any assignment requirements. (0 points) Knowledge is demonstrated by ▪ fulfilling the stated requirements of the assignment ▪ articulating principles and essential facts in clear, jargon-free language ▪ applying principles and essential facts to issues, questions and theories that arise in expected situations/activities Composition / APA Style and Formatting.(maximum 20pts.) Superior APA structure of ideas that is logical, easy tofollow and demonstrates thorough fulfillment of assignment requirements.(20 points)Generally clear and easy to follow APA structure and idea progression. Assignmentrequirements are adequately fulfilled. (17 points) Progression of ideas and APA is evident but not always clear and logical. Fulfills assignment requirements at a basic level. (15 points) Progression of APA ideas are not always evident. Difficult to followprogression and writer’s thoughts. May be difficult to determine fulfillment of assignmentrequirements. (10 points) Very difficult to follow APA structure and writer’s thoughts.Does not fulfill assignment requirements. (0 points)How a paper is Composed and Presented sets the level of reader engagement or interest. ▪ A clearly stated topic keeps facts, information and analysis focused. Use of APA style clarifies the structure of paper. ▪ Clearly identified points and logical, progressive presentation gives the reader a clear vision into the paper’s substance anddoes not make the reader dig for meaning. ▪ Prioritizing issues, facts and materials makes the paper relevant to the reading audience. Effective Use of Language andGrammar. (Maximum 20pts.) Highly readable. Professional, jargon-free language;Well-crafted, on-topic paragraphs Very few to no spelling and grammar errors.(20 points) Professional language meets audience needs Some wordiness or jargon.Some, but not many, grammar, or spelling errors. Most paragraphs well-structuredand on topic. (17 points) Mostly professional language. Multiple grammar and spelling errors. Proper sentence structure, but some paragraphs contain multiple ideas. Fulfillsassignment requirements at a basic level. (15 points) Several awkward or wordy sentences; over-reliance on jargon. Long and sometimes rambling paragraphs. Numerous grammar or spelling errors. (10 points) Obvious need for review of spelling and grammar rules. Many wordy, awkward, or unfocused sentences. Paragraphs are acollection of sentences and do not center on a single topic.(0 points)Effective Writing maintains reader engagement or interest.▪ High-quality writing is the key to communicating the scope of the paper and its content to the reader.▪ Active voice, to-the-point sentences, “professional” language (as opposed to casual,oratorical, or “preaching”) keep the reader’s attention on the paper’s major points.▪ Vocabulary should be audience- and issue-specific ▪ Each paragraph should focuson a single idea or point; paragraphs should be in a logical, sensible sequence thatadvances the paper’s theme. ▪ Even when the issues are identified and the paper’sposition is well-constructed, errors in spelling and grammar, homonym errors, and misused words detract from the quality of the entire paper Critical Analysis. (Maximum 20pts.) Superior level of critical thinking; mature and/or creative analysis. Analysis is fully focused on assignment requirements. (20 points) Above- average analysis/insightinto issues and questions. Analysis is well- directed at the assignment requirements.(17 points) Competent analysis/insight into issues and questions. Most analysis isinto issues and questions. Most analysis is directed at the assignment requirements.(15 points) Partial analysis into issues. Does not address all assignment requirements.Little analysis directed at the assignment requirements. (10 points) Shallow, little or noanalysis No analysis fails to address the assignment requirements. (0 points) Analysis▪ relates directly to the subject matter and analytical requirements of the assignment▪ clearly identifies issues and makes clear and persuasive statements about them.▪ demonstrates why an issue, fact, or information is relevant. ▪ examines arguments andcounterarguments (pro and con positions). ▪ explores alternatives and their consequences Research. (Maximum 20pts.) Incorporates a variety of quality researchmaterial to support positions. Fulfills assignment requirements. (20 points) Incorporatesseveral research sources and materials. Most are relevant to assignment requirements.(17 points) Incorporates the minimum amount of research required. Minimum is relevant to assignment requirements. (15 points) Does not meet the minimum amount of research required, but provides some references related to assignment. (10 points)No research relevant to the assignment is incorporated into the work, or research isunrelated to assignment requirements. (0 points) Research ▪ supports analysis with sources and other documentable information. ▪ uses sources that are directlyrelated to the writer’s points and directly related to the assignment requirements▪ includes complete citation information for quoted or paraphrased text, and provides acomplete list of references at the end of the paper

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Debs Storey. (2016, October 12). Psychiatric interviews for teaching: Somatisation. [Video 18 min] U
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