“Death By Fire”

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“Death By Fire”
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  1. What evidence did fire investigators find on the aluminum threshold plate that led them to believe the fire was deliberately started? Was this enough evidence?
  2. How did Willingham’s demeanor (right after the fire accident) cause investigators to suspect that he might be guilty of starting the fire, should it be held against him in court?
  3. How did Willingham’s court-appointed attorney feel about his innocence or guilt? What was his recommendation to Willingham about pleading guilty?
  4. What details did jailhouse informant Johnny Webb provide? How did his testimony and the posters in Willingham’s room further implicate him as guilty?
  5. How did Todd Willingham’s treatment of his family possibly affect the way the jury viewed the evidence?
  1. Why did the courts ignore the appeal for Mr. Willingham?
  1. What did Elizabeth Gilbert Find out about Doctor Death after her investigation?
  1. What evidence was evaluated incorrectly?
  1. What was Stacy’s opinion of Todd after the incident occurred?
  2. How do fire scientists investigate fires? How does this challenge the credibility of the fire department’s investigation?
  3. What was the defense attorney Mr. John Jackson accused of, do you believe this was true?
  4. Was justice serve? Why or why not

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