Daniel Erasmus and the strategic merging of internal and external planning within organisations

Daniel Erasmus (2008), stated that, scenarios is the process which merge inside and outside planning within organisations in order to create a new strategic planning to the future.
However, scenario planning created in 1960 by shell group planning ina; order to become the eyes that perceive the prospect of the world future outside the organisation, by showing the right direction that most influences the company environment.

Therefore, it is described as a graphic with is detailed and probability view of how the business environment of the company will develop in the future according to the performance of the group and influences, (Lynch 2003).
Moreover, (kotler 2003) also argues that scenario planning as the stability of creating possibility illustration of the company prospectively future in different theories about motivating the market as well differentiations suspicions.
According to Kippenberger, (1999), private and public organisations both derive the business environmental that is diversity. Whereas, the companies have to be prepare in order to cope with variety changes internal and internal and they must to become to perceive the image about the changes in the future possibility within the business environment.
Nevertheless, business must to consider using one scenario prospect as strategic planning, so it will then be possible to have visionary of what might happen and having the solutions to solve problems, this will allows the company to create their own business strategies.


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