Curbing Tobacco Use in Poland

The Poland government had taken enough measures to ensure that society was protected from

the harmful effects of smoking as it would become a generational problem if not well managed. Some of

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Curbing Tobacco Use in Poland
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the cultures that included selling cigarettes to child ren under the age of 18 were banned, and any sale

made in healthcare centers, workplaces, and schools was highly regulated. It was a political move that

was expected to change how marketing activities were carried out in the country. As hundreds of

thousan ds have pointed to the changes as a reason for the cultural and political changes (Gola et al.,

2020), it is a success. It is estimated that since its inception, 1.2 million people have successfully

undergone rehabilitation and put aside smoking habits. It is difficult to understand how a political

movement or goodwill could change the cultural aspects without the necessary infrastructure and

facilities being available. The advanced political and economic changes that followed the fall of

communism led to t he privatization of companies made access to particular products easy.

The multinationals that took over led to local brands such as e Solidarnosc and Lady Di. The prices

remained low, allowing the majority of pols to easily afford the product. The Poland Civil Society played

an important role in lobbying for the government to introduce new measures to curb the addiction to

nicotine that had taken the country by storm.Cultural bias is eliminated by implementing fair

assessment instruments that wi ll draw unverified conclusions. It is difficult to deal with some groups and

others due to differences in ideas and beliefs that might act as obstacles (Master and Meltzoff, 2020).

Cultural information allows people to understand the challenges and opportu nities available for them to

advance their objectives.

Local norms dictate the process of decision -making as the role, and responsibilities of each group

are defined. It is difficult to avoid stereotyping when roles and responsibilities in a gro up setting are well

defined (Fan et al., 2019). Although stereotypes are overgeneralized, there are clear similarities in values

and beliefs in individuals that are present in most people. Cultural knowledge changes how I interact

with others as knowledge of the taboos and equity preferences allows us to ensure maximum

productivity in people’s lives

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