Cultural Exploration

InstructionsCultural Exploration Assignment 1 will look at the common image of the Sleeping Mexican in Mexican Folk Art. Research the origins of the Sleeping Mexican and its place in Mexican folk art. Conduct an online search for the “Sleeping Mexican” image and explore the results. Additionally, listen to the audio cast provided in the Content area.Cultural Exploration 1 should be a short essay response of 300-500 words that utilizes 2-3 sources. Your answers should be supported with original analysis suing cited evidence from your research. Your Cultural Exploration should answer/provide the following information:Explain the role of the Sleeping Mexican in Mexican Folk art. Is the Sleeping Mexican a cultural icon of Mexican folk history or is it disparaging cliché?What in the imagery or its meaning (perceived or actual) makes its use so divisive?Choose an image of The Sleeping Mexican that best fits your perspectives/answers to the prompt. Post the image with your short essay.Cultural Exploration Assignment 2 will explore economic development and export topics. Students will be required to choose one of two prompts and complete a short essay response of 300-500 words that utilizes 2-3 sources. Your Cultural Exploration should address one of the following prompts:Topic 1: The Yasuni Initiative of Ecuador and the Curse of Oil: balancing the protection of the environment with economic development. Explore the culture of the Kichwa Villages and their fight to protect the Yasuni rainforest from government led oil exploration. Examine the arguments for and against development of this reserve and where things currently stand. On page 181 in your textbook, read the culture box “The Curse of Oil” to understand the history and culture around Ecuador’s dominant oil export. Below are two articles (also available in the supplemental required resources section) to help you and you may include additional outside research as well. 2: Coffee: The Legal King of Colombian Exports. Use your textbook to examine the “other” export Colombia is known for: coffee. Colombia is often associated with drug trafficking and kingpins. However, coffee was the first export to propel Colombia to the world stage. Discuss how the cultivation and exportation of coffee transformed Colombia. Identify and discuss social, cultural, and political implications of the development of the coffee export economy. Be specific, cite sources, support your points with external facts and research, and develop a thesis statement that directly addresses this

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Cultural Exploration
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