Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Trident University Module  Case AssignmentLED520 Cross-Cultural Communication and LeadershipDr. Kyle Steadham         August 30, 20211.     Intended contact culture groupa.     What is the identified culture group with which you are planning to have contact? Be specific.The identified cultural group I intend to have contact with is African Americans, specifically individuals whose parents were born and raised in the U.S. and not just those who migrated recently. These people probably know the United States as their only home since their ancestors came here as slaves and may have lost contact with their original families back in Africa.b.     Provide a brief description of any contact you have previously had with this group.Previously, I have had contact with people from this group at the workplace, the mall, and restaurants. However, all these contacts have been with people whose parents migrated to the United States for work and still have contact with their roots in Africa. These people still identify with their African roots even though they were born and raised in the United States.c.      Briefly explain why this target group qualifies as a cultural group.Culture, as Hofstede (n.d.) defines it, encompasses the collective mental programming of members or one group. A cultural group is a group of individuals who share a core set of beliefs, behavior patterns, and values. The African Americans qualify as a cultural group because they come from the same race and share a core set of African beliefs and values. The group also shares their origin – their ancestors came from Africa and settled in the United States. 2.     Intended new cultural activitya.     Briefly describe your new cultural activity.Every year in February, the United States reflects on the history of the Black people and their heritage in national parks and communities in our society. During this time, we learn about the achievements of African Americans and recognize their role in the history of the United States (Peek, 2021). However, we focus so much on the experiences and achievements of major figures/leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther and overlook the struggles, experiences, and achievements of the common those not usually in the limelight. Thus, my new cultural activity is interacting with an African American whose parents were born and raised in the United States, which means the individual has less to zero contact with their roots in Africa. This individual has always identified the United States as their home. I hope to achieve a better understanding of their experience and their parents’ experience, and if possible, their grandparents’ experience living in the United States. I also intend to find out if their parents passed on any traditions such as food, traditional practices, values, beliefs, and language. For instance, I have seen jokes online about growing up with an African parent, and I would like to learn about their experience.b.     Does your intended activity meet all requirements of the assignment (see expectations below)? Provide some details to justify your answer.I feel that my intended activity meets all the requirements of the assignment. Although the target group is known, most of the information available is about renowned figures in black history, such as Dr. Martin Luther. My cultural activity intends to dig deeper into the culture of the African Americans and their challenges growing up and relating in a predominantly White community. c.      Will this activity allow you to have meaningful contact with members of the intended target culture group? Briefly explain.I believe this activity will allow me to have meaningful contact with members of African Americans. I will target an individual with whom we can sit and have a conversation for up to 2 hours. I have prepared the questions and done my research, which will allow me to ask the right questions and get the best out of it.d.     What is the planned date, time, and approximate duration of the activity?The planned date for the activity is August 29, 2021, starting from 2 pm to 4 pm.3.     Generala.     Have you selected a secondary contact group and cultural activity as a backup? Please describe briefly.I have selected a backup group in case I fail to meet up with the primary target group. The Indian community and their deep-rooted culture and religion fascinate me. Thus, if I do not manage to meet with an African American, my target contact group will be the Asian Indians who migrated to the United States, dating back to five decades ago. I would like to know whether they have been assimilated/acculturated into the United States culture or maintained their cultural identity.b.     Do you have any questions about the project? Please describe.Not at the moment.ReferencesHofstede, G. (n.d). National culture. Geert Hofstede., M. E. (2021). Black history is America’s history. Eclinicalmedicine, 32, 100755.

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Cultural and Ethnic Studies
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