CSR Initiative Letter

Dear Colleagues,
For years, we have focused on building our business to connect consumers to the best product lines.
We’ve all worked diligently to provide a unique purchasing platform and top‐notch customer service
experience that keeps our customers coming back to us. Our shareholders, employees, and customers
are all reaping the benefits of the value we have created.
Sustaining this level of success, however, requires much more than just delivering quality products and
services and being profitable. The next generation of consumers has greater expectations of the
companies with which they associate. A company may have a great product or service, but if consumers
don’t view the organization as socially and environmentally responsible, they will take their business
We Will Create and Commit to a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan
Therefore, we will be committing ourselves to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. We have
always been a company that values our customers and the communities in which we operate. For
example, our yearly holiday giving program that matches your donations to a qualified charity up to
$200 is an act of corporate social responsibility.
We now want to extend our definition and reach of CSR to include not just charitable giving, but also
efforts throughout our operations. To do this, we will be conducting a triple bottom line analysis for
each product line and its strategic and operational plans to create CSR key performance indicators and
The Triple Bottom Line (TBL)
For those for who it is new, triple bottom line (TBL) is an accounting practice that looks at more than just
our profit. In addition to Profits, which of course remain essential, we also want to account for how our
actions impact People and the Planet; these are the three Ps that we will look at when considering our
“bottom line.”
Going forward, we will consider both financial impacts and opportunities not just for profits, but for
people and the planet. If we can successfully navigate this transition over the next three years, we will
be among the first in our industry to do so, and this will give us the first‐mover advantage we need.
Now I’d like to present some high‐level plans for addressing each of these 3 Ps.
Recall from our vision statement that we strive to “reward our customers, employees, and shareholders
with the value they create.” Consumers and shareholders alike want to be assured they are doing
business with companies that honor diversity and treat their employees with respect. As such, we need
to focus on building a more diverse workforce and consider how we can reduce employee turnover by
reexamining compensation programs and eliciting feedback on employee engagement. We also need to
focus on examining new marketing channels that will enable us to build a more diverse customer base
that is reflective of ABC as a global organization.
Another aspect of corporate social responsibility we are committing to as part of our vision is giving back
to the communities we serve. For example, we could establish programs that contribute a percentage of
customer purchases to schools or to non‐profit organizations of their choosing. This turns into a win‐win
for everyone by providing socially conscious incentives for people to purchase our goods and services.
We all know that every business leaves a footprint on the environment, whether large or small. Given
the number of product lines we work with, there are tremendous opportunities for ABC to reduce its
environmental impact. For example, we can explore new suppliers who are committed to sustainable
packaging for our products. We can continue advancing our “go paperless” initiative. Finally, we can
shift our investments toward companies that actively address root causes of environmental issues,
including pollution, climate change, and loss of biodiversity. Through our website and other marketing
channels, we will make our environmental consciousness known to our customers. Everyone likes a
green company!
Traditionally, profitability has been the only measure of business success, so we’re well versed in
measuring it and making strategic decisions that increase revenues while reducing expenses. Now we
have the added challenge of quantifying social and environmental measures and examining how they
impact traditional financial measures. Keep in mind that social and environmental goals are not
diametrically opposed to profitability. While there will be some tradeoffs, we need to be creative in the
decisions and investments we make to ensure we can sustain growth and profitability while meeting
corporate responsibility goals at the same time.
The New Bottom Line
The more we can grow our business, the more we can give back! And the more we give back, the more
customers we can attract. TBL will create a cycle of giving and receiving that benefits the business, the
people, and the planet, and everyone at ABC Corporation will play a part! I look forward to the years
ahead and seeing the contributions you will all make toward this initiative.
Best Regards,
Anne Hernandez

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