critique the following response. Minimum 100 words


American’s losing its energy independence and relying on foreign oil is an issue, and America should consider different fuel alternatives. Of course, a good decision is made by looking at all the data and using the quantitative analysis method. Using quantitative analysis will help to come up with a solution to help solve this issue.

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critique the following response. Minimum 100 words
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Clearly defining the problem, which is America is losing its energy independence, is the first step. Next is research and list the different alternatives to help America regain its energy independence. After listing the alternatives, identify any outcomes that may result from these alternatives. For example, solar energy as an alternative, would this help gain back independence? What are the drawbacks? Then after listing the pros and cons, use one of the theoretical models to help figure out the best option overall. With all the research and the theory model, a decision can be made to help America gain the energy independence it should have.

critique the following response. Minimum 100 words


At the Justice Academy, we use a decision tree when prioritizing our budgets on capital projects and other construction projects. Each budget cycle, we only get so much money to do projects, so we have to decide on our priority projects and if we don’t get funding for this project, what about another project. Or could we change the scope of the project to fit our funding? Once all the probabilities are outlined, we have it laid out as to what can be done when we do receive our funding. For example, we received 2.8 million this year, so our top two projects equal 3.2 million. We can do our priority project and either part of our second priority project, find extra funding, or move to our third priority project.

critique the following response. Minimum 100 words


Working at Blue Cross, we generally work together to rollout projects that involve mass communication, sharing information, and improving our current resources (websites, medical databases, etc.). If I were to lead a project, when it comes to obtaining resources, I would need to start by having a meeting with my boss and her boss as well. The main resource we would need to acquire would be human resources such as project managers, IT specialists, and quality personnel to ensure that our improvement is feasible, correct, and done properly. After meeting with my boss and her’s, we would then begin discussing what personnel we would need in order for the project to be completed involving the concerned parties. We would need to reach out to them (mostly by email) to check their availability and get prior approval from the concerned parties as well and ask for their assistance with the new project.

critique the following response. Minimum 100 words


The article “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development” suggests that emotional intelligence is a core part of leadership and leadership development. In my opinion, emotional intelligence applies heavily in the context of project team leadership as it serves as a source of cohesion and team spirit. As noted by the authors of the paper, emotional intelligence allows leaders to access, understand and regulate emotions. Given that many projects live or die on the severity of their conflicts, emotional intelligence is thus critical. For example, awareness of tools such as the Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI) and the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) can help leaders to keep their emotions in check and avoid making poor decisions on the basis of rash emotions (Blattner & Bacigalupo, 2007). Team leaders who are able to regulate their emotions can also lead projects more effectively by inspiring their teams with their leadership and followership. Classic examples of this are second generation leaders of large tech companies, such as Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook, who have been firm and steady hands in using emotional intelligence to lead their organizations with savvy, strategic and well-balanced decisions. Emotional intelligence then plays a key role in the team development process by making each team member more empathetic to other team members, and thus, more likely to collaborate and reciprocate.

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