Critical Thinking Paper – Secularism

APOL 104

Critical Thinking Paper Grading Rubric

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Critical Thinking Paper – Secularism
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CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints Earned
Structure0 to 20 pointsAll key components of the assignment are answered.The requirements and instructions are followed.
Content0 to 100 pointsMajor points are stated clearly and accurately.Word count requirements are satisfied (500–1,000 words).(Assignments with fewer than 250 words will not receive credit.)Work is free of plagiarism.Major points are supported by the following: Reading/lecture material, Scripture, and/or outside research; and thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts).
Spelling and Grammar0 to 20 pointsSpelling and grammar are correct.Word choice is precise and appropriate.Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.
Instructor’s Comments:


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