Critical Thinking Challenges

1. Describe how organizational culture and the use of performance criteria and standards affect the remaining components of a performance management system. 

2. Suppose you are a supervisor. What errors might you make when preparing the performance appraisal on a clerical employee? How might you avoid those errors? 

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Critical Thinking Challenges
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3. Based on your experiences, as well as the chapter information, what are some good “rules of thumb” for conducting successful performance appraisal interviews? 

4. Review the performance appraisal process and appraisal form used by a current or former employer and compare it with those provided by other students. Also review other appraisal issues by going to www. and searching for articles on performance appraisals. Develop a report suggesting changes to make the performance appraisal form and process you reviewed more effective.

 5. As the new HR Director of a company in the behavioral health industry, you have the responsibility to develop a performance management system. You need to present a business case to senior executives that the performance management system does not stand alone and must be integrated into the company’s strategic plan, business needs, and measurements. For information on performance management best practices, review various publications in the articles tab at 

A. Given several key practices for a successful performance management system, which ones should be implemented first? 

B. Identify key measurements to transition the company from the current system of looking at personality factors to a new system of looking at performance factors. 

— Human Resource Management by Robert L. Mathis, John H. Jackson, et al.

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