Critical Thinking Analysis of Texas Principles

Critical Thinking Analysis

Giglio, Vince

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Critical Thinking Analysis of Texas Principles
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Texas Principles


Form and Function:

The Laws of Nature, Texas Declaration of Independence, Texas Constitution, Political Culture,

and State Character for the purpose to self-govern in political power.

Historical Event:

George C. Childress wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836 to separate from

Mexico based on John Locke’s writings of Natural Rights and our obligation to them.

(Governing Texas 52)

Relevant Historical Figure (person) to the Historical event:

John Locke (1632-1740) wrote “reason teaches all mankind” that there is no subordination

among humans, Natural Equality, which is the basis for Natural Rights. (The Laws of Nature)

Relevant Historical Community (group) to the Historical Event:

The Texas Declaration of Independence states that government’s purpose is to protect Natural

Rights “the lives, liberty, and property of the people.” (Governing Texas A1)

Relevant Outcome of the Historical Event:

After the Civil War Texas wrote a new Constitution in 1866 which accepted the abolition of

slavery and “male freed slaves were granted fundamental rights to their persons and property.”

(Governing Texas 58)

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