Critical Evaluation 1

Critical Evaluation Guidelines

Philosophy and Theater/Dance: Performing Human Identity 322 01, Spring 2017

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Critical Evaluation 1
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Guidelines for Critical Evaluations [worth 5 points each, 3 due total, 15% of your final grade]

  • These are for artistic performances
  • Length: At least 750 words each, single spaced with double-spaced paragraph breaks turned in entitled “Critical Evaluation 1” along with your name and the date
  • Components to be Graded:
  • Name of piece, date, location, choreographers, and name of presenting organization [this should be SHORT] [.5 points]
  • Purpose: What was it? What sort of dance/performance was it? What were its aims? (For example: Was its purpose to represent something, express something, create a certain kind of artistic experience or something else?) [this might require a little background research on Google and/or a consultation of any program notes] [.5 points]
  • Content: What happened? What did the performance contain? For example, what types of movements, music, sets, costumes, story were involved? How many different choreographic works were shown within the concert? Describe the different genres/styles of movement that were presented within each piece (contemporary, modern, jazz, ballet, etc.) [2 points]
  • Evaluation: Did the performance succeed in expressing something relevant about human identity? Why or why not? Refer to content of the performance, style, and whatever other elements of the piece you think support this idea [this should be the main component of your piece and take up the biggest word-count allocation]. Was there a particular piece of choreography that you connected with more so than others? Try to identify what made this particular work different and special. [2 points]

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