Critical appraisal Summative assignment.

lease find attached the PDF documents of articles for the Critical appraisal Summative assignment.  You can select ANY ONE (1) of the articles and critically appraise it by using chosen appraisal tools to do the assignment (For your reference: Attached McMaster & CASP Tools).  Also find attached the guidelines for preparing the assignment (both power point presentation & word document)….

Below are the details on how to use Critical appraisal tool (for example-McMaster):

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Critical appraisal Summative assignment.
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Once you have selected your article from the attached documents, thoroughly read it and understand every aspect of the study (you need to google or refer research text books, lecture notes, etc. to understand the process, and new research terminologies used in the study).

Next, you need to select the relevant appraisal tool (if you have selected a quantitative study, you can use McMaster tool for quantitative study only; if you choose a qualitative article then you need to use McMaster tool for qualitative study), take prints of this tool and start answering the questions given in the appraisal tool.  You need not type; you can write using pen or pencil.  To answer these questions, you may have to refer your article again and again and the text books of research methods  (You can enlarge the boxes in the appraisal tool, so that you will have enough space to write your answer or else you can attach separate A4 sheet to include your answer).

Once all the questions are answered, you would by that time understood the quality of the study and in a position to explain what are the strengths and weaknesses of the study (article) that you have selected.  This understanding will help you to write your critical appraisal assignment effectively. Thereby critical appraisal tool is a helping device, which throws light on the strengths and weakness of a study to see them very clearly in order to write critical appraisal report/assignment.  

Along with this, you can also use the points given in the Critical Appraisal Guidelines (Attached Power point guidelines).  Make sure your critical appraisal should include brief description or statement about the aspect you are critically appraising, and your comment (either positively or negatively) then provide clear justification based on research methodology principles along with relevant citation.  At the end of the critical appraisal report include Referencing list (This must be done based on MAHSA-Harvard Referencing Guidebook, which is also attached)

Date for submission:  Date will be informed later by the Exam coordinator/ Program coordinator.

How to submit:

Soft copy:

You have to upload soft copy assignment, reference list including cover page in LMS by 26 / 8 /2021(please follow the exam schedule which will be sent by Exam coordinator/ Program coordinator)

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