Extension Project for Cartooning Workshop

Assigned: March 2, 2017

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Using the techniques that Dana Aldrich teaches in his cartooning workshop, you will develop, design and draw three cartoons. Just like in class, each cartoon should be the approximate size of an 8½” x 11” piece of paper. The three cartoons may depict a continuing scene (like the multi-panel cartoons you see in a newspaper) or each one may stand alone as a separate statement.

Cartooning can be described as a visual form of artistic communication. Through the use of simplification, exaggeration, and humor, the cartoonist expresses a strong point-of-view, with or without the use of words.

Use Dana’s techniques for drawing human bodies in motion. Also (unless you are an expert at drawing faces), incorporate Dana’s method of using an already drawn (or photographed) head to capture a more sophisticated facial expression. No stick figures, please!

The theme of your cartoons should reflect your view of society as a young adult in 2017. This could include your concerns about politics, the economy, the environment, or the state of world affairs. Think about what interests you, what excites you, what alienates you, what makes you angry or scared or hopeful or happy.

You will not have to share your cartoons with the class. I will be the only one looking at them.


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