Extension Project for Film Workshop

Assigned: April 6, 2017

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As technology advances, film-making has become more and more democratized. Compelling, entertaining, and sophisticated films can be produced these days with little more than a smartphone. And that is this week’s challenge.

Using the concepts we learned in Bob Kagan’s film-making workshop, you will create your own live-action short film, entitled “The ______ Life of ________”. The film should be no shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes. It should include such finishing touches as titles, a soundtrack, dialogue, and/or sound effects. You will most likely need assistance with this project, so recruit family and/or friends to be actors, camera operators, costumers or prop builders. If you don’t know the first thing about making a film on your phone, look up some YouTube tutorials on the subject or find a friend who can teach you.

The film can be, but does not have to be, autobiographical. It can be entirely fictional or it can be done in a documentary (non-fiction) style.

You will need to upload your film to a video-sharing site or save it on a flash drive so that it can be projected through the computer in the classroom. You will present your film to the class on Thursday, April 13.

Lights! Cameras! Action!


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