creating a thesis and an outline on Uncertainty Avoidance.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Uncertainty Avoidance. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. I have identified culture as a strong determinant of a person’s behavior even when such a person is in a very different culture. In my view, the conflict will always be pervasive as long as the people in any situation have different cultural orientations. Recently, the world has witnessed the UN and USA trying to convince President Assad of Syria to step down and allow democratic leadership to take on. However, he still has strong internal and external support from those citizens and nations with high levels of uncertainty avoidance like Russia. If the situation in Syria were happening in Western nations, the citizens would be less willing to support such a regime under war circumstances. The reading has allowed me to reflect on why a number of people get it very rigid to change. For instance, I have quite a number of my friends who take the course, which a former family member took, and highly avoid new courses that are a little bit predictable in terms of employment opportunities and progress. Additionally, I have gained a clear understanding of why people from most Asian countries like to live in groups and rarely make friendships with those different from them. Reimann, Lünemann & Chase’s (2008) study has allowed me to note that, in business, it is good to learn and understand the differences in customers’ cultures, expectations, and needs, to be able to take action of them in the best way and to avoid conflict.

2. Uncertainty Avoidance, Citizenship, and the Government. Citizen Competence

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creating a thesis and an outline on Uncertainty Avoidance.
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As Kegan & Lahey (2009) observe, in cultures with a high level of uncertainty avoidance, citizens opt for predictable leadership and governance. They then become loyal to their leaders and embrace their way of doing things with little criticism. Here, citizens are concerned. need facts and fine details before they make decisions. On the other hand, citizens in lower uncertainty avoidance countries are open to new approaches and leadership and are prepared to work with any plan and realize its benefits in the process.

3. Raymond Cohen

In my view, Cohen’s statement that “No quantity of professional teaching in afterward life can clean away the deep-rooted hypothesis of childhood”& overstated since people’s preconceptions are modified and can ultimately change over time. Professional training aims at challenging and redefining ideas to enhance skills for effectiveness. That means. Cohen’s statement undermines the critical role of professional training. Looking at the globalization age and how people have interacted across media, people are more open to change. With this, childhood assumptions are modified and others reinforced in the process (Porter & McDaniel, 2009). Academic advancement offers different environments that can bring important changes such as those related to the perception of women in leadership. Conflict resolution is a strategy that attempts to bring conflicting parties to a similar point, with each party compromising its earlier ground to a certain extent. If we emphasize that deep-seated assumptions of childhood cannot be wiped away, then that makes successful outcomes of mediation and conflict resolution process in different situations devoid.

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