creating a thesis and an outline on Topical Analysis of Hamlet and Henry IV part 1.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Topical Analysis of Hamlet and Henry IV part 1. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

In the 16th century, the world was moving towards a change but was still in the realms of conservativeness. The palace of the United Kingdom was still in place and Queen Elizabeth was the queen of that palace. In these times when people were afraid to pass certain comments on certain topics, Shakespeare had the courage to use his skills and write on particular subjects which were not common in those days. In the times when all these topics were impossible to write on Shakespeare made a great move and wrote on these topics with immense care.

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creating a thesis and an outline on Topical Analysis of Hamlet and Henry IV part 1.
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&nbsp.Henry IV Part I is a story about a King and his rebellions. It revolves around the greed for the kingdom and the betrayal of the king. King Henry leads the story as the king but soon faces problems at the hands of the people because of whom he has reached the throne. King Henry is not content with the actions of his son Prince Harry who is more diverted towards the materialistic world. Prince Harry not only does involve in drinking but he also makes friends with liars and burglars. This creates a gap of misunderstanding between the King and the Prince.

However, the change in the plot takes place when one of the loyal noblemen of the King betrays him and shows his greed for the attainment of the throne of King Henry. Hotspur is the name of the character that betrays the King and forces a civil war to pertain to his kingdom. Furthermore, he also gathers allies in order to fight the army of the King and defeat him, but it is later known that most of his allies refuse to take part in the war. Seeing the situation of a civil war in the state King Henry calls upon his son to fight in the battle.

Prince Harry comes back to the throne only to fight and win the war for his father. Hotspur is defeated by the army of King Henry with the help of his son and both the father and son get back on good terms. In this sequel, Shakespeare tells about the greed one has for the throne and the inner conflicts which a kingdom can face. However, in those times it was impossible to point out at the royal kingdom and the greed which people have for the throne.

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