creating a thesis and an outline on The Behavior Theory

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Behavior Theory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

Learning is when buyers obtain the purchase and consumption behavior and gain experience useful to their future related behavior. It involves the acquisition and refinement of memories and actions determined by the skills, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of values by the buyer. Learning is defined by two theories that explain how this happens.

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creating a thesis and an outline on The Behavior Theory
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Even though there is no universally agreed theory on learning, the process is straightforward: learning happens, either intentionally or accidentally.

For the intentional acquisition of knowledge, the individual must have sought the information through objective research. However, accidental learning just happens to find an individual. This is where advertising is most efficient in achieving (Evans, Jamal, & Foxall, 2006).

The marketer is always interested in how the buyers learn as this information gives them an advantage in how they handle them. They still want to influence customer behavior, and this stems from the ability to teach the buyer their responsibility as consumers, the product of choice, and its attributes.

This is made effective through marketing and advertising (Lantos, 2010).

The product of the National museums of Australia is information. Its role is clearly defined and serves to inform the public on the Australian heritage and culture (National Museum of Australia, 2003-2010a).

The first marketing communication strategy employed is that of accelerated information. The brand utilises its website as its online tool for advertising its activities and products. Its main product is information where it sells Australian history and lifestyle.

This is conducted through seminars, exhibitions, and publications. The use of images of traditional Australians is an application of behavioral theory learning where the images invoke conditioning of ‘our heritage.’ Art galleries and buildings of national relevance derive the same effect. The individual is drawn to the article by the image and can open the report to acquire the artifact’s information or the classic architectures. The brand has journals, periodicals, and e-news releases to ensure their position is maintained to be the first to point the consumer in the right direction.

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