creating a thesis and an outline on Sunset Boulevard Discussion.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Sunset Boulevard Discussion. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In the persisting cycle of manipulation, Norma Desmond also plays the part of a manipulator as manifested in her relationship with writer Joe Gillis, wherein she pays Gillis to keep her company, later on, caused her to murder the young writer.&nbsp.Sheldrake the producer also plays the manipulator as he profited from Joe Gillis’ writings but refused to be of assistance to the young writer when he needed financial help.

This manipulation continues its cycle in Hollywood at present with young actors and actresses being manipulated by the film industry who benefited from these actors and actresses when they were young and, later on, became less profitable as the young stars became exposed with the privileges of fame resulting to self-destruction and eventually losing their jobs as actors and actresses. The film industry produced child stars who in the long run became either self-destructive had an unstable family life, end of their acting careers or sadly, leads to their death. An example of such is actress Lindsay Lohan who is currently on the news because of her drinking problems. Producers and other influential people in the motion picture business can’t even intervene and help Lohan on her drinking problem. Another example is actor Brad Renfro who had a constant problem with drugs and died only this year.

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Fans are also manipulated by these producers and influential few in the film industry by covering up the repulsive acts of the hottest stars while making profits out of these stars while feeding the fans with elusive stories and façades of the profitable stars and, later on, withdrawing their support on these stars when they are no longer profitable because they had become uncontrollable in their wayward activities. Although some fans remain devoted to celebrities, producers will not even consider these faded stars for neither a lead role nor a tiny role in their new films.

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