creating a thesis and an outline on Launch of New Range of Luxury Handbags in the UK

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Launch of New Range of Luxury Handbags in the UK. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

the marketing strategies need to be formulated or optimally oriented as part of marketing orientation, so that organization can reach maximum customers, entice them and importantly build a long-term relationship, thereby retaining them.

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creating a thesis and an outline on Launch of New Range of Luxury Handbags in the UK
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As the above-mentioned country-specific aspects need to be mainly analyzed in relation to the product that is going to be launched, the product’s profile should ‘fit’ with the consumer of that particular market. Although it applies to all product range, it is of utmost importance to luxury brands including luxury handbags. A luxury brand is a lifestyle concept that is mainly designed for an exclusive consumer base, even while enticing a wider consumer base. Vickers and Renand (2003) observe that luxury goods are adapted versions of base products that are manufactured according to consumer needs and tastes, and there are three dimensions to these products, and it applies to luxury handbags as well. The three levels of luxury products are, first, the inaccessible luxury products, which are only or mainly for the elite or affluent, as the other classes will find it difficult to buy them. Then, comes the intermediate luxury products, which for the professionals who are financially equipped to buy those products and thereby fulfill their desire to attain the status of the affluent. Finally, there are accessible luxury products for the middle class, which will be set in a feasible price range. Prospective customers in each of these levels have to be enticed through level-specific marketing strategies. So, on the whole, it is necessary to grasp the consumer behavior regarding particular products, along with other environmental forces.

So, from the above understanding, it is clear that to launch the new range of luxury handbags in the UK, the macro and the microenvironment, as well as the consumer behavior in the UK market, has to be analyzed, based on which consumer and market-oriented relationship marketing strategies can be formulated.

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