creating a thesis and an outline on Human Service Development Policy in Allegheny County.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Human Service Development Policy in Allegheny County. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Generally, Allegheny County, as from the case study was facing a lot of problems in leadership which was the main expediter for the rest of the challenges that people faced and the human services that they did not receive.

How the Case Study Offered Support for or against the Rational Model

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creating a thesis and an outline on Human Service Development Policy in Allegheny County.
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Basically, in the rational model concept, the government is treated as the primary factor. additionally, it has the responsibility of examining a set of goals, evaluating them according to their utility and then picking the one that has the highest result. As from the case study, matters seem to be out of hand at first. essentially the rational model process is inflexible in Allegheny County (Morgan 2014). Additionally, through an extensive range&nbsp.of information exchange, prevention, early intervention, case management, crisis intervention, and after-care services. however, there was a high rise in child abuse and neglect, rising poverty, the continued dissolution of the family and the introduction of crack cocaine that affects the Allegheny County dearly.

Furthermore, there existed a series of public hearings calling for sweeping child welfare reforms following the tragic death of a child in care resulted in the resignation of the Department of Children and Youth Services (CYS) director leading to a nation-wide such for a new doctor (Tranter 2008). However, the case study to a particular extent had a big positive impact since the problems are established and identified which would make it easier for the solving process. additionally, there were some prospective leaders like Tom Forrester and David Lawrence who held a philosophy for helping Allegheny County people.

Fortunately, it led to the formation of the Allegheny County’s department of Human Services later on which offered even more services that included mental health, older adults and drug and alcohol services, child protective services, emergency shelters and housing for the homeless, and services for people with a diagnosis of intellectual disability among others.

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