creating a thesis and an outline on Hertzberg Theory of Motivation in the Organization.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hertzberg Theory of Motivation in the Organization. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. According to Miner (2007, pp.33), Herzberg is one of the notable individuals that worked towards an understanding of the workplace functionalities by the provision of an analysis of the basics of success and motivation in the workplace. An analysis of the foundation of motivation has been regarded as the first step towards the creation of successful organizations.

Conversely, Allen and Gilmore (2006, pp.35), indicate that Herzberg’s theory indicates that, Herzberg’s motivation theories of motivation are obliging to a proper understanding of the organization’s functions. In his work, Miner (2007, pp.84) argues that the attributes that contribute to motivation and demotivation cannot be alienated from an understanding of workplace motivation. Motivation, which emanates from motivators, can be described as an intrinsic process that comes from within the individual. On the other hand, demotivators are extrinsic. that surround the individuals in the workplace. Among the demotivators stated included, pay that was regarded as a short term motivator. After a while, employees were seen to be as demotivated as they were at the initiation of the time at the workplace.

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creating a thesis and an outline on Hertzberg Theory of Motivation in the Organization.
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Herzberg’s theory, according to Sapru (2000, pp.76), revolves around two major factors that are inclusive of hygiene factors and the motivators. Hygiene factors are likely to cause dissatisfaction in the workplace if not put under scrutiny. Among the hygiene, factors include aspects like job security, safe working conditions, proper organizational policies as well as, quality of supervision along with other factors. Sapru (2000, pp.76) argues that hygiene factors do not necessarily cause demotivation in the workplace, but if they are not incorporated in the workplace, the organization is likely to fail. For instance, in the Coca Cola Company, including music is the workplace, is a tangible example of a hygiene factor.

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