creating a thesis and an outline on Functioning of Office of Management and Budget and Federal Enterprise Architecture.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Functioning of Office of Management and Budget and Federal Enterprise Architecture. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Office of management and budget (OMB) manages, directs, and supervises the data and information, financial management, administrative procurements, and different managerial and directive rules and strategies. Moreover, it helps to develop administrative management, builds up enhanced performance measures, manages mechanisms, and eases redundant burdens on the public. The largest constituent of OMB is the four resource management offices. namely, the office of information and regulatory affairs, the office of federal procurement policy, the office of federal financial management, and the office of e-government and information technology. Other wide support offices of OMB are the office of general counsel, the office of legislative affairs, the budget review division, and legislative reference division.

Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) is the subdivision of the OBM federal government and it emerged in response to legislation called, “Clinger-Cogen Act of 1944”. This provided a common methodology for information technology acquisition in the United States federal government. It also instructed the federal agencies to develop a master plan for integrating technologies, managing information technology, and measuring and reporting performance. FEA is established so that businesses’ performance could be improved and agencies could implement their core missions in an enhanced manner. FEA helps to achieve these goals. Moreover, through FEA the information and resources are easily shared across federal agencies which not only reduces the costs but citizen services are also enhanced.

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creating a thesis and an outline on Functioning of Office of Management and Budget and Federal Enterprise Architecture.
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FEA is built using five different models. performance reference model, business reference model, service component reference model, data reference model, and technical reference model. These models help to develop a common taxonomy and ontology that describes the IT resources elaborately. These models can be enabled using different modeling tools that would help to align the enterprise architecture. Some of the Federal enterprise&nbsp.architecture reference model tools are Adaptive Inc, Future Tech Systems, Inc, IBM System Architect, and Troux Technologies Architect, etc.&nbsp.

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