creating a thesis and an outline on Founding of the United Nations.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Founding of the United Nations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

Fifty nations were present to negotiate the formulation by which the United Nations would be constituted and function at San Francisco in 1945. On the basis of these negotiations on June 26, 1945, the United Nations Charter was signed by these Nations to pave the way for the founding of the United Nations. This was an extraordinary achievement for the Second World War had not fully ended. By this Charter the United Nations was set up consisting of the principal organs of the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Secretariat, the International Court of Justice, the Economic and Social Council, and the Trusteeship Council, with several other specialized agencies and non-governmental agencies to enable the United Nations to fulfill its role in a wide range of responsibilities assigned to it. (1)The General Assembly is the meeting place of the different nations to enable discussions of common problems.

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creating a thesis and an outline on Founding of the United Nations.
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It is convened at certain intervals. It provides a forum for the member nations, which number 192, to express their views on issues of concern in the world. Its decision-making powers are small, as it lacks the capacity to enforce it, but its decision has a strong moral authority that influences the decision making in the Security Council. (2).The Security Council is the chief body for keeping the peace, and such us the most visible principal organ to the people of the world. Through this, the efficacy of the United Nations is reflected by the efficiency of the Security Council in maintaining peace and harmony in the world.

To provide for teeth to its role in enforcing peace in the world the Security Council has been provided with means to gather armed forces. Decisions are taken at the Security Council, which consists of fifteen members.&nbsp.

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