creating a thesis and an outline on Ethics and Corporate Governance Issues.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Ethics and Corporate Governance Issues. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In this assertion, Vinten is trying to associate the act/behavior of whittle behavior with the bee-sting phenomenon. The bee-sting behavior can only be used before the act jeopardizes the whistle-blower’s career. The case depicts an apparent dilemma that is often faced by genuine whistle-blowers in the course of attempting to rectify possible wrongdoings within the organizations in which they work.

Vinten summation has gained much attention among researchers with respect to earlier whistleblowing studies in the 1980s (Dozier & Miceli, 1985). One can agree with the importance of whistleblowing as a medium of preventing and deterring corporate wrongdoing according to Bhal and Dadhich (2011). In the case where this behavior is hardly available in a given organization, the organization is bound to have some adverse cost implications according to Near and Miceli (1995). The actual motivations of the whistleblowing behavior have not been made clear, and the need to establish the motives include other factors other than individual motives (Miceli, Near & Schwenk, 1991). Essentially, organizational factors like the ethical climate of an organization largely explain the reason why employees resort to whistleblowing behavior according to Barnett and Vaicys (2000). An organization’s ethical climate has been defined by Cullen et al. (1993, p.103) as ‘‘…the ethical dimensions of organization culture,’’ which is known to capture the organization’s ethical identity. The ethical climate of a given organization has the ability to influence its employees’ behavior (Barnett & Vaicys, 2000).

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creating a thesis and an outline on Ethics and Corporate Governance Issues.
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Typically, the aspect of whistleblowing is based on the perceived conflict between employees’ rights to free speech and their organization’s duty of loyalty (Lindblom, 2007). This conflict brings about the moral dilemma in the behavior of whistleblowing. The need for political free speech could be justified given that it is central to liberal democracy. On the other hand, loyalty could be motivated to show considerations for employees’ associates.

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