creating a thesis and an outline on Damaging Effect of a Global Warming

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Damaging Effect of a Global Warming. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Greenhouse gases contribute to the global warming situation. In some areas, extreme winter conditions are increasing in quantity. In other areas, there is an increase in the number of extremely high temperatures. Some animals and plants cannot adapt to the changing temperature. When this happens, some animal and plant species will avoidably become extinct.

Further, global warming produces damaging effects on the world’s environment. The IPCC group Climatologists affirms that global warming contributes to the increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes. Global warming increases the temperature of the world’s oceans. The warmer oceans generated more hurricanes. With hotter oceans, the hurricanes’ intensities rose to more life-threatening levels, damaging more properties along the path of the encroaching avoidable hurricanes. Global warming leads to more floods. With more floods, more people will drown. The increasing number and intensity of floods result in more damaging effects on the environment and the people living within such an environment. More hurricanes will ravage the coastal areas of the world’s communities (Brevik 338).

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creating a thesis and an outline on Damaging Effect of a Global Warming
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Furthermore, global warming leads to a rise in the world’s ocean levels. The hotter temperature melts the ice areas of the world. The melted ice areas lead to the water literally swallowing or taking away huge areas of many coasting communities around the world. The huge ice groups formed in Antarctica and Greenland melted into the nearby ocean. Consequently, several islands will be underneath the oceans’ water levels, constantly changing the world’s geographic picture. Specifically, the 20th century saw the water level rose 20 centimeters. Research conducted in 2003 affirmed global warming leads to the thermal warming of the oceans (Houghton 176).

Moreover, global warming leads to more forest fires.

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