creating a thesis and an outline on Accounting as the Systematic Recording.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Accounting as the Systematic Recording. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Accounting provides financial information to users of such information and auditing serves as a means to ensure such information is reliable and in line with the established rules and regulations (Clarke 18-22). Nevertheless, the above two concepts can interrelate at-times, regardless of their distinct difference.

In my interview with a number of professionals in this career, I came to realize that, as much as accountants do need to have a solid skill in math, the job demands a combination of analysis, problem solving and detective work. Additionally, to be able to do the job perfectly, one must be able to communicate effectively and handle not only numbers but also people.

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creating a thesis and an outline on Accounting as the Systematic Recording.
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The research methods used to draw this report were majorly interviews with professionals from this career and books and articles written about accounting career. Additionally, information available in the internet also helped a great deal. I managed to interview Carl Lewin, a management accountant in Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mrs. Clarke Smith, a government accountant in the federal government, Mark Bartz, a management accountant with Samsung, Deborah Volkman, an accountant career adviser, Shauna Bryce, the chief finance officer with Waste Management Incorporation, and Dr. Bruce, internal auditor, Sony Music Company. The interaction was quite appealing as I had the chance to know their say about the career and most interestingly, what they like most about their job and what exactly drew them to this neglected career path.

An accountant helps in making important decisions in all businesses. Accountants prepare, analyze and validate financial reports that determine whether managers would make certain decisions or not (Career Explorer 1). This was supported by my interview with Shauna Bryce, who acknowledged that an accountant’s role is to prepare, analyze and validate financial information.”

According to Alba et al. (25), there are&nbsp.four major fields in accounting, namely. public, management and government accounting and internal auditors. Management accountants work for companies as part of the team, providing the executives with the information needed in decision-making.

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