Creating A survey  (psychology)

Students will design and create a survey with the purpose of answering empirical research questions that came up as a your article reading and reviews. This task is meant to be serve as a portion of the methodology section of your final research proposal paper .

Design a Survey V ideo Instruction:

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Creating A survey  (psychology)
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P urp ose Y ou will design and create a survey with the purpose of answering research questions that came up as a result of your review of articles and literature review . Y ou will also conduct a brief write up. See below for further information on these two tasks.

This task is meant to be serve as a portion of the methodology section of your final research proposal paper . It is not mandatory you do so, but you are encouraged to use this.

F orm at AP A formatting does not apply to surveys and the project write-up. G ra d in g Given there is creativity involved here, there is no rubric, grading will in part be subjective. Clearly demonstrate to me your knowledge of measurement and surveys (i.e., reference correctly course concepts you are using in building your survey and why ). Part II will be the most heavily graded. T he A ssig nm en t The goal is to demonstrate your knowledge of measurement and surveys and the principles which apply , as taught through this course. I would make sure you are familiar with at least chapters 5-7 of the textbook before beginning this activity . P ART 1: Survey Y ou are to create one survey in a W ord document. Do not use Survey Monkey , Google Forms or other programs. This is meant to be a learning experience on both 1) using course concepts to construct a survey that you may use for your final (if you want – this would typically go in the appendix section of a research paper) and 2) to teach you how to design a survey in a W ord processing program that can be printed for research participants would fill out for in person self report research.

There are no other limitations. Be creative. Utilize examples from research articles you have read and examples that are in the textbook. Google survey measures/instruments you have read about in articles.

Example: Here are two examples of self report surveys. Note – please do not just simply copy these formats and substitute your questions/labels. I will consider this in grading. Please be original and create. Think about what are researcher’s in your fields of interest (from your article review and literature reviews doing for their surveys).

I attached in Pdf Form Some steps to writing a good survey (helpful questions for you to think about) 1. Establish the goals of the project/survey – What do we want to learn? 2. Determine your sample – Whom do we want to take the survey? How will we choose who we ask? How many people should we survey? 3. Choose methodology – How will we conduct the survey? Will the survey be oral? W ritten? 4. Create your questionnaire – What kinds of questions should we ask? How many questions should we ask? Will they be face valid? Double-barreled? Etc… 5. What are the response options going to be? Likert scale? Forced choice true/false? Something else? How will you account for “fence-sitting?” What are the strengths and weaknesses of each option? 6. Think about how you need to analyze the data to answer your question. Are you going to run correlations? Do you need to run a T-T est or ANOV A to look at dif ferences between two groups? Will you look at bivariate Pearson correlations for some sub-scores? Will your questions and your response options get you the data you need to run those types of tests? P ART 2:

Survey Process W rite-up In addition to the survey , you will complete a brief write-up to explain your thought process and decision making. This is another opportunity for you to clearly demonstrate to me you understand concepts from chapters 5-7 and could apply them to your survey . A reminder that this will be the most heavily graded portion of this assignment.

Discuss things relevant to your study like: ● ordinal vs. interval scales ● counterbalancing ● Likert scales vs. multiple choice ● categorical responses vs. numerical responses ● leading questions ● double-barreled questions ● observation data vs. self-report data ● using individual item scores, total scores, and/or composite scores ● having face valid questions or not ● observer bias ● will you be needing the survey to be given at multiple time points and if so how will you account for test-re-test reliability? ● will you be assessing inter-rater reliability? ● how will you account for content validity in your questions? ● how will you incorporate or account for ‘fence-sitting,’ ● will you use double negatives? ● how will you account for observer bias, etc… Reflection Please reflect on this assignment and the process of learning how to design a survey . Some example questions you may answer in your write-up: ● What was this like for you? ● W as this easier or harder than you expected? ● What did you learn? ● What was surprising?

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