The importance of creating a positive work environment for employees in an organization.

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Creating a positive work environment for employees.


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The human resource segment is an integral part of any organization (Al-Madi, 2017). Organizations strive to remain competitive in a very dynamic by efficiently utilizing all their resources. Thus, companies should ensure all their employees perform their jobs efficiently. Human resource needs to properly motivated to attain the organizational goals. Committed, dedicated, and motivated human resource is an essential asset for a company. According to (Al-Madi, 2017) motivated employees in the service provide better customer service to clients. Motivation involves compensating the employees for their services and providing them with a conducive environment to perform. Companies should thus ensure that employees are adequately motivated across all organizational levels. According to (Girdwichai, 2020) training slightly increases employee performance compared to creating a healthy and positive working environment. The study also finds that creating a relaxed and positive work environment will encourage employees to be more innovative. This shows that organizations should ensure that they create a positive environment and keep employees motivated.Background

Employees may play a significant part in determining the rate of success that a company or organization experiences. This is made possible because a positive work environment influences the employees’ motivation towards the work and thus their satisfaction through the creation of a positive working environment. The human resources department can correct any negative behavior by employees or their supervisors. The satisfaction of the employees can help companies retain their employees. Adverse working environments affect the employee’s performance and negatively impacted their motivation, showing a need to create a positive work environment for employees (Hanaysha et al., 2018).Problem Statement

The objective of my work will be to conduct a study to demonstrate how creating a positive working environment by the human resources could be created help companies and organizations engage employees and, in turn, reduce workplace violence and reduce employee turnover capabilities in the companies.Purpose of the Study

There are increasing rates of employee turnover and workplace violence as a result of negative workplace environments. This has affected companies as they have lost competitive and highly innovative employees. Attempts to retain employees and reduce workplace violence through other strategies have failed to address the high employee turnover and workplace violence in the workplaces.Significance of the Study

Companies invest a lot of resources to attract, hire, and retain employees. The investment includes a financial reward system or establishing a free and positive environment where employees feel appreciated and secure (Antoni, 2017). The significance of this study will be to help workplaces understand the importance of creating a positive work environment to foster employee retention and reduce workplace violence. This will help organizations reduce extra costs incurred in re-training employees as a result of employee turnover. It will also help companies achieve a competitive advantage due to retaining highly skilled and innovative employees. This would help organizations and companies achieve sustainability.Nature of the Study

The research methodology will identify, select, process, and analyze my topic’s information. Therefore, the methodology will help in evaluating the reliability and validity of my data. The first method will involve the qualitative method, which involves quantifying the quality of employee satisfaction by describing the characteristics and traits categorization. The qualitative details of data will be obtained from observed sources that cannot be categorized numerically, like how healthy the workplace is, how clear the communication process is and whether the employees are satisfied or not.

While quantitative methodology involves analyzing the numerical and statistical data related to the level of employee satisfaction, the numerical information such as the number of employees pay, the period (in years) it takes for one to get promoted, and the annual salary increments. These are some factors that will be evaluated to understand how they relate to better job satisfaction (Lorincová et al., 2019).Hypothesis/Research Questions

1. A positive work environment could increase employee motivation.

2. A positive work environment could increase the ability of an organization to

retain its employees.

 3. Correcting negative behaviors among employees could reduce workplace violence.Conceptual Framework

Past studies have determined that employee motivation and organizational commitment affect employee productivity (Hanaysha, 2018). Many organizations shy away from this research because it encourages aggressive competition among employees. It can be noted that some organizations can increase employee productivity by increasing directs benefits such as more salaries and private insurance plans than through creating a positive work environment.

Data collection will first begin with identifying the suitable sample for my research. This will include obtaining information concerning the levels of employee satisfaction and the manager’s view on how employee satisfaction can be improved. The check sheet will involve a blank form designed to efficiently, easily, and quickly record the needed information, either qualitative or quantitative. My data will be collected from diverse sources, including peer-reviewed articles, journals, books, government publications, and reputable organizations relevant for understanding how workplace environments can be improved. According to Dr. Wallace’s recommendation, I will also use an interview data collection method for qualitative data. Due to the current pandemic, a call may be made to the companies to seek clarification on what they are doing to ensure employees are motivatedDefinition of Terms

  • Organizational Commitment-this is the strength of the employee’s involvement in the organization.
  • Employee productivity-this is determining the capability of different employees by comparing their performances with set goals.
  • Employee motivation-this is the desire of human resource to demonstrate its full capability and achieve the organizational goals (Hanaysha, 2017).


  • Qualitative results in the research are based on context.
  • The researchers had minimal personal contact with those being researched.
  • The qualitative results may have different interpretations; the researcher(s), individuals being investigated, and the reader(s).
  • The quantitative results can be generalized and applied to large populations.

Scope, Limitations, and DelimitationsScope

In today’s world, the efficiency of the human resource department is one of the criteria used to determine an organization’s competitiveness. Thus, companies should ensure that they acquire the right employees and equip with the necessary resources to perform their duties. This includes providing them with a safe and positive environment for them to undertake their duties efficiently.Limitations

  • Future researchers using the data in this study should consider the context to gain better insights into the impact of creating positive work for employees.
  • The study did not investigate all predictors of employee productivity, and thus future researchers should test all other variables left out.


The study will include data from; peer-reviewed articles, journals, books, government publications, and reputable organizations that analyze the research questions. In addition, it will also include data from interviewing different employees. The results from this study can be generalized in any modern and competitive organization.Summary

Today’s world is very dynamic and full of demands, and this has increased competition as enterprises strive to find new efficient and sustainable business strategies (Ozkeser, 2019). One of these strategies is having an efficient human resource. The human resource segment has been identified as one of the critical assets of organizations. Thus, companies are investing e lot of resources to attract, recruit and maintain an efficient workforce. Providing employees with a positive environment improves their performance and thus aids the organization in achieving its goals and objectives. (Lorincová, 2019)References

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