create an annotated bibliography with the completed research tracker attached.

3/19/21General search for the following: Not for profit and Government entity,Used google search engine to retrieve selected government entity for CAFR Report and not for profit Company.“Not for profits”“CAFR Government Entity in Maryland” Keyword SearchFound the CAFR report for Harford County Government.Found the not for profits organizational link on Charity Navigator the 990 form for the not for profit organization the documents I will use to start the reports for both projects.
3/21/21General search for a sec 10k company and its filingsLooked on the U.S Securities And Exchange Commission website for my sec 10 k companySec Filings/ Finance Keyword SearchFound a company on the sec 10 k website to do my project on. The company was United Health Group and its sec website address is on the financial statements
3/29/21What are the advantaged and disadvantages of company acquisitions and mergers?Used google search engineLooked under “Mergers & Acquisitions”Keyword searchFound an article on Merging titled “Merger” by Marshall Hargrave Corporate Finance & Accounting> Mergers & Acquisitions,segments%2C%20or%20gain%20market%20shareUsed examples from this article to share the meaning of an acquirer buying 50% of a company’s stock. I took the initiative to highlight some cons associated with acquisitions.
4/5/21 What are the subsidiaries for United Health Group?Sec.Gov FilingsLooked under “Reportable Segments” Keyword searchFound the revenues for each subsidiary that falls under United Health Group Took notes from this section.
4/11/21MD&A related to disclosure and segmentsSec.Gov Filings“Balance Sheet” “RevenueEarnings”Keyword searchFound more information on revenues and earnings in regards to the subsidiaries.Found financial statements to validate my observations.
4/19/21  Finding the functional currency for your corporationsSec.Gov Filings”Foreign Currency”Keyword searchFound currency that United Health Care Group uses in the U.S and abroad.Found information to use in the section of my report titled Foreign Currency
4/27/21 Are Partnership beneficial?Google Search EngineTried “Partnership.”Keyword searchFound a good articles on Partnership “Partnerships.” Kopp, Carol. to find a way to incorporate this in my sec 10 k report.

Annotated Bibliography

Kopp, C. (2021). Partnerships. Business > Business Essentials.

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create an annotated bibliography with the completed research tracker attached.
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A partnership is an arrangement between two or more people to

oversee business operations and share its profits and liabilities. In a general partnership company, all members share both profits and liabilities. Professionals like doctors and lawyers often form a limited liability partnership. There may be tax benefits to a partnership compared to a corporation.


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