Create a one-page general cover letter

InstructionsCreate a one-page general cover letter using your professor’s general resume feedback, Reading #1 (which has a template), and Reading # 2 on Keywords. Use the same header as you did on your resume. The most important thing for you to do is create something that can easily be modified for each position that you apply for. If you are planning to apply for jobs in a specific field (accounting, education, etc), try to tailor your cover letter to match that area. To help, you may want to find a relevant job description on one of the many job search websites. Use Arial or Times font, 12 point. Save and upload your cover letter in .doc or .docx format to this assignment. Umuc online Career Management Umuc username: JMARTN Umuc password: Taisha828 Please note that I’m applying for federal government jobs. FBI, United States Marshals and DEA . Please check previous assignment in my assignment folder under content.

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Create a one-page general cover letter
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