create a communication strategy that fosters change and innovation in an organization

Communication Strategy in the Coca-Cola Company

Rebecca L Parks

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create a communication strategy that fosters change and innovation in an organization
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Communication Strategy in the Coca-Cola Company

For a business that is operating on a global capacity, growth and the general success of the company are significantly reliant on the way they communicate with their employees as well as the customers. A company should thus have a suitable communication strategy that suits the stakeholders, the employees, and the customers to retain them for the long term. An article by Hassan Mohammed talks about the communication strategy that the Coca-Cola Company uses to handle customer relations, the company’s presence in the market, alongside handling the company’s workforce efficiency (Mohammed, 2021). The author arguably maintains his position that an efficient communication strategy is powerful. He says that through efficient communication, a company builds trust, hence enhancing better consumer relations. Moreover, an efficient communication strategy creates a better understanding among the company’s employees. As a result, a company has improved productivity. According to Mohammed, a good communication strategy is also a precursor for boosting the company’s reputation in the market, which in turn increases the company’s longevity in the market through a positive brand name.

The author maintains that the Coca-Cola Company has established an effective communication strategy over the years. Hence, the company has been able to relay the required information to its workforce, stakeholders, and customers. The company’s management has created a suitable environment for positive communication amongst the workforce through improved communication channels. As a result, productivity has significantly improved, thus creating overall growth and market success for the company.

The Coca-Cola Company has ensured that vital information gets to their customers as soon as possible and in the best way possible. Currently, the company is getting into the various sectors of the market in ways that one can easily understand. The company uses the internet to reach out to the customers who use and understand technology. Therefore, the company is succeeding in conveying the relevant data, which attracts more customers to their brand. The company has successfully communicated the specific values, mission, and vision to its customers through social media. Through the mass media such as newspapers, television, and radio, the company has increased its brand awareness to the public, thus claiming a larger market share.

The company has shown consistency in its social media usage to reach out to top new customers. It has thus created a good reputation, which in turn boosts the trust levels among the shareholders (Dorphine, 2004). It is a rule of thumb that most people get attracted to brands with good reputations. The more the customers, the higher the productivity. To effectively communicate to the masses, the company embraces modern communication due to the evolution of global technology. The Coca-Cola Company has successfully reached out to customers and stakeholders such as suppliers worldwide through their website (Tian, 2006). It also has a customer relations office that gets in touch with the customers at all times. They respond to customer feedbacks which makes the company one of the world’s best soft drink sellers.

Given that an effective communication strategy is the primary source of success for a company, I recommend that my current company integrate Coca-Cola’s communication strategy into its system. The company should thus implement extensive social media marketing and customer relations to acclaim a wider market share worldwide. It should also use the mass media to create more brand awareness and paint a positive picture of the brand in public to gain more customers.


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