Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the israeli/palestinian conflict.

al roots in religious contexts, the rise of Zionism and Arab Nationalism has spurred the conflict between the two parties: Israelis and Arabs or Palestinians. The notion that the current conflict is a continuation of ancient feuds based on ethnic and religious disagreements is not only misleading but it also encourages biased and distorted judgments regarding the behavior of Arab Palestinians and Israelis (Tessler, 1994).

The Bible often mentions the ‘Land of Israel’ and speaks about how the Kingdom of Israel was established by Jewish people over three thousand years ago.

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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the israeli/palestinian conflict.
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While the kingdom was established as fully independent, the growing influence of the neighboring Roman kingdom gradually incorporated the Land of Israel as one of its provinces. This invasion was followed by heavy taxation, intervention in religious practices, and a period of tyranny forcing many Jews to flee the land. The Jews revolted against the injustices and were eventually thrown out of the city. Although a great number of Jews still resided in the land, a significant number of Jews had been displaced who still held a strong sense of Jewish identity.

The Jews did not lose connection and felt that they will soon be returned to their promised land when God leads them to the place they claimed to be theirs. Jerusalem remained a part of the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire, until when the Roman emperors had turned to Christianity. Jerusalem started to become recognized as the birthplace of Christ holding religious significance for the Christians. Years later, the region was conquered by Arab Muslims shortly after the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Under the Caliphate of Umar, Jerusalem was conquered and brought under the Muslim Empire. Soon Islam became the dominant religion in the region.

The modern political movement of Zionism sought to establish an official Jewish colony in the region of Palestine.

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