Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses photovoltaic efficiency: solar panel.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses photovoltaic efficiency: solar panel. There are several photovoltaic (PV) systems on the market which range in size and functionality. The essence of the current paper is to look into PV efficiency. This issue has been necessitated given the increasing reliance on solar energy in various parts of the world, especially in areas where the use of hydroelectric sources no longer proves to be a viable choice [1]. Unlike before, solar energy was known to be a supplementary source of energy, which was used to support other major forms of energy provision. But increasing demand for solar energy means that PV systems which are a major component of the functionality of solar energy be checked for their efficiency [2]. The paper, therefore, looks at solar energy from the perspective of PV systems, solar panels, and the concept of solar tracking.

A PV system can be said to be a powerful system that is specially designed with the capabilities of supplying usable solar power through the mechanisms of photovoltaics [2]. Writing on photovoltaics, reference [1] explained it to be an energy conversion method where solar energy is changed into direct current electricity. Photovoltaics is enabled through the processes of several components, most of which are semiconducting materials that must have the power to demonstrate a photovoltaic effect [4]. There are several components that can be associated with PV systems. Some of these include solar array, battery, cabling, monitoring and metering, charge controller, solar trackers, and solar inverters [3]. Relating these components to the functionality of PV systems, it was stressed that the individual functions of the components when put together make PV systems a centralized part of solar energy generation [3].&nbsp.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses photovoltaic efficiency: solar panel.
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The processes by which solar panels work can simply be said to be related or linked to the usual procedure for generating the flow of electricity. The only difference however has to do with the mechanisms that come into play to trigger this functioning. For example, solar panels are known to be photon permissible, allowing particles of light such as photons to trigger the free motion of electrons as a way of causing the flow of electricity [5]. This means that until photons are captured, the function of solar panels to generate electricity cannot start. This activity of capturing photons is undertaken within the solar panel by photovoltaic cells which are the smallest units of operation within the panel. Several isolated photovoltaic cells must therefore come together to constitute the solar panel [6].

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