Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses digital solution for issues and challenges in print technology.

When the management team and the employees work together for their companies, they will be aided by various tools, including technological toolsOut of the many technological products developed, a good number are being used in organizations, particularly Information Technology products. That is, organizations of today including ones in the entertainment industry like the movie theatres have used or integrated technology in every aspect of their functioning. From opening a simple door to carrying out advanced operations, technology has become an omnipresent entity in organizations, with their entire operations hinging on the support provided by technology, particularly Information Technology.

So, this paper will identify the problems raised in the case study, explaining how digital technology may solve these problems. Also, the paper will consider the costs and benefits and decide whether or not the movie theatre should invest in this technology, providing recommendations to the movie theatre manager. Finally, the paper will also formulate a draft invitation to tender to be sent to the three main suppliers of this technology. Digital cinema is the latest inflexion technology to transform the movie-watching experience.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses digital solution for issues and challenges in print technology.
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The technology facilitates ineffective distribution and projection of content. a digital movie can be distributed via hard drives, optical disks or satellite and projected using a digital projector instead of a conventional film projector many problems. in the traditional format screening relates to duplication and distribution. Making the many thousands of copies of films needed for worldwide releases leads to a depletion in the quality of the copies, with each generation of copy being worse than the&nbsp.previous generation.

As each copy is shown, mechanical damage does take place and the copy is further degraded. The existence of so many copies also poses a security hazard.&nbsp.

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