Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the critical importance of ego identity.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the critical importance of ego identity. Tome became agitated, arguing with a classmate as well as the teacher, quite unlike normal students. Later on, it was to be discovered that Tom and his friends had been caught while smoking illegal substances. however, Tom being lucky to run away. He had been hiding in the washrooms, thus being late for class. Tom was all the while waiting to be called out, ready with an excuse. When his head of year came asking to talk to him, his reaction was quite telling. He immediately refused to go, arguing that he had not done anything wrong. However, his head of year insisted on Tom telling his side of the story outside the classroom. Tom’s reaction to continuing to argue with the teachers was self-evident of guilt. However, his hard stance was broken when the teachers threatened to call the principal, with Tom agreeing to go.

The teachers’ reaction to Tom’s attitude and behavior, right from his lateness, and through his arguments, was in line with institutional recommended practices and policy. As a matter of urgency, as well as of confidential nature, Tom’s head of year had insisted on addressing him out of the classroom environment. Even with Tom’s agitated mood and awkward behavior, the two teachers had been calm, composed, and insisting on Tom of the need to cooperate. Informative is that he was an isolated case, hence allowing the rest of the class to continue with their lesson.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the critical importance of ego identity.
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Critical towards understanding the contextual nature of this incidence is the need to discuss social constructionism. Key in this regard is the question of ‘identity,’ as proposed by essentialism, to be criticized from a constructionist perspective. Accordingly, this fundamental question’s psychology’s traditional understanding of society and, most importantly, the&nbsp.individual.

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