Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses piagets theory of cognitive development.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses piagets theory of cognitive development. Children, for example, construct their own understanding and meaning of the world they live in. As they grow they begin to discover new things and ideas from their environment, creating discrepancies between what they already know and the new experiences.

Furthermore, Piaget purported that the center of human beings is cognitive development. The language spoken by human beings is a result of understanding and knowledge obtained through cognitive development. The greatest attention was given to Piaget’s earlier works. Many parents are inspired by his earlier work. they avail a suitable environment for their children’s natural ability to learn and grow. Perfect examples of the direct application of Piaget’s theory are open education and child-centred classrooms. In as much as this theory had success in most areas, it faced limitations, just like others (Ginsburg 1998, pg.43). He recognized sharp stages of development yet development is a continuous process that takes place throughout an individual’s life.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses piagets theory of cognitive development.
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Reality being the dynamic system that it is involves states and transformations. Transformations point out to all kinds of changes a person or thing can undergo. States, on the other hand, refer to the appearances or the conditions in which persons or things find themselves between transformations. Changes might be in terms of form or shape, location in time and space. objects or persons can change their locations from time to time. Therefore for human intelligence to be adaptive, it should have functions and aspects to represent both the static and transformational aspects of reality. His proposition was that operative intelligence determines the manipulation and representation of the transformational or dynamic aspects of reality. On the other hand, figurative intelligence dictates the representation of reality’s static aspects.

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