Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses historical perspective on the freedom of assembly.

The freedom of assembly has limits. it must be exercised in accordance with lawful practices. For example, it has been noted that protesters were arrested in the state capitol of Wisconsin as from 2013. the state declared the protests unlawful since protestors did not have a permit.The freedom of assembly has a lot of significance, during the history of pre-colonial and colonial America, to the Founding Fathers. The British Monarchy usually prohibited public assembly of its citizens. this was partly due to the monarchy fearing that assembling individuals may attempt to overthrow or change the government.

This led to British colonists taking their views about freedom to the new world, America. Before the Revolutionary War, the British army attempted to prohibit the colonialists from protesting against Acts of Parliament that ensured monitoring of colonial population and taxation. Therefore, the people who advocated for liberty in America started to see that freedom of assembly for very necessary to people with grievances, who required solutions for their government’s mistakes and excesses.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses historical perspective on the freedom of assembly.
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Thereafter, delegates to the first American Continental Congress indicated a statement concerning the freedom of assembly in the “Declaration and Resolves” document, this congress took place on October 14, 1774. The document explained that individuals are allowed to. assemble peacefully, deliver their grievances and petition their leadership, the King. The “Declaration and Resolves” document also listed. grievances that the American population had against their political leadership, Parliament and King George. their objections to certain parliamentary legislation like the Intolerable Acts. and the rights that they thought they deserved.

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