Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses ecet senior design project.

This report is a summary of the compilation of planning and works with regard to the SPOT project. The purpose of this project is to design a prototype platform for testing the Arduino device for garage vacant parking spots. The primary objective of this platform is to establish the possibility to design a prototype that will count the number of free parking spots in the garage and display it on a remote screen. The second objective is to program the Arduino microcontroller and integrate it into interface sensors as required part of the acceptance for this project to be valid.

After determining the aspects that will make this project a valid senior project, the next phase will delve into knowing how to design the project with minimum cost to ensure it is affordable for commercial use and future developments. The components that are used for this project are available to the public and can be designed with basic knowledge of coding, electrical, and designing.This project design concept consists of using ultrasonic sensors as interfaces, Arduino programming as software, and power supply as hardware design.

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Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses ecet senior design project.
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The sensors will be used to sense if there is a car in the parking spot or not and send it to the Xbee. The Arduino will use this data to display it on an LCD screen and at the same time, it will be transmitted wirelessly to a remote LCD screen. This project scope was focused on transmitting the data wirelessly to the LCD screen.This project aims to prove that the students are able to use information from three classes of the EET field curriculum and develop and implement a senior design project, along with feasibility study and capability of the design and test the prototype.

Therefore, the following specifications were chosen to make this prototype design project.This project platform contains four main components, which allow it to function as described in this document. After assembling the design project along with the wiring of the sensors and Liquid crystal Display (LCD), it is necessary to code the Arduino and configure the wireless communication between the XBEEs wirelessly. Then the user will be able to observe the available parking spots either from the remote screen if he or she is out of the garage building or see the vacant spot based on the rows inside the parking garage.

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