Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses art and craft higher education in pakistan

Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses art and craft higher education in pakistan. To get a clear picture of these developments it is more appropriate to focus on one particular area or country with rich applications of art and craft such as Pakistan.

Since the establishment of Pakistan as a republic in 1947, there have been many transformations and developments in the art and craft field. For example, the first five-year plan for education focused on improving creativity through art and craft (Perveen, 2011, p. 3). This prompted the government to employ art and craft professionals to ensure proper learning. However, Perveen’s article mainly focuses on primary level art and craft rather than its developments at the higher education level. Nevertheless, it has contributed to evaluating the development and incorporation of art and craft in higher education by the Pakistan government. Additionally, there was the adoption of a conceptual and physical platform by various institutions in a bid to support modern arts. According to Tarar major changes were experienced in the 1950s following an upgrade of the Mayo School of Arts into the National College of Arts (2008, p.1). This increased awareness and focus on art and craft as a subject and course in the Pakistan education system. Additionally, the distinction between art and craft further contributed to the incorporation of arts in other seemingly unrelated sectors such as the economy. This distinction between art and craft was based on the view that these are actually two unrelated subjects. Amid increased developments, there was the incorporation of fine arts to replace art, which now comprised of pottery design, Commercial arts, and interior design among others (Tarar, 2008, p.4). This transformation made fine arts seem to lie more on modernity while craft lied more on traditional practices. Tarar provides important insight on the development of art and craft along with the distinction between art and craft. Additionally, there is a reflection of the evolvement of art into fine arts while the craft is seemingly dormant.

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Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses art and craft higher education in pakistan
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